Samsung Galaxy Stardust with 1200 bundle on Tracfone via QVC

Another great bundle under $100 for 1200 min/txt/MB. This one features the Samsung Galaxy Stardust, which seems okay by the specs. An extra bonus with this deal is that you can trade in an old tracfone for an extra 600 min/txt/MB and 90 days of service. So, if you are just ending a year of service on a previous deal, you are basically adding an extra $40-50 worth of service for the resale value of your phone (around $10-20). If you timed that right you would have 2 14 years of service 3000 min/txt/MB for under $200.

Unfortunately the phone itself seems stuck at Android 4.3 and has little development/user community, so probably no Lollipop or Cyanogenmod options. But, if you can live on Jellybean, then this deal is right for you.

Source: Tracfone from QVC Bonus: QVC Bonus Minute Trade In