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A Windows 8 laptop with Free Data for Life. Is it worth the trade-offs?
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Oioo Model 2 Review

Even with the included 200MB T-Mobile Free Data For Life plan, you can go wrong with the Oioo Model 2. It really is that bad. Unboxing The first thing ‘wrong’ about the Oioo is that it is sold almost exclusively through Kmart. Ordering online would not have been bad, but they were sold out for home delivery, requiring me to go to Kmart to pick this up, and really, that’s where things started to go wrong.
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Reducing Mobile Data Usage on Android

When I picked up a Moto E Tracfone bundle last year, I challenged myself to keep my data usage within the 1200MB included for the year. This amount of data, 100MB a month, is seemingly useless on today’s internet. And, in practice, it is impossible to stay under this level without strict data management. Even careful consumers could find themselves blowing through such low caps as an errant app updates, or a video loads on a news article.

Restricting Mobile Data on Chrome OS

Chrome OS lacks many of the mobile data restriction features included in its Android cousin (i.e. there is no ability to set monthly warnings or limits). (See guide on reducing mobile data on Android). But, that is not to say mobile enabled Chromebook users are without options, just that you will have to dig for them. When I first bought my HP Chromebook 14 and popped in the T-Mobile 200MB a month SIM I knew that keeping my data usage low would be difficult.
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