T-Mobile 200MB Free Plan List of Devices

T-Mobile Free Data For Life (FDFL) plan offers a free 200MB per month per device for compatible tablets and devices (7” and above). Any unlocked device on their list should be eligible. To activate you will need a T-Mobile SIM – universal-sized (standard, micro, nano) bring-your-own-device (BYOD) SIM starter kits are available at Amazon.

While 200MB is not much, it is enough to stay connected. See our guide to reducing mobile data usage on Android.

Kindle Fire HDX 8.98.9”Fire OS (Android)LTEAmazon
Kindle Fire HDX 77”Fire OS (Android)LTEAmazon
Kindle Fire HD 8.9 (2nd Gen)8.9”Fire OS(Android)HSDPA+Amazon
Ooio Model 27”AndroidHSDPA+Amazon
HP Chromebook 1414”Chrome OSHSDPA+Amazon
HP Stream 13 4G13”Windows 8HSDPA+Amazon
HP 7 Plus (G2-1331)7”AndroidHSDPA+Amazon
Nexus 7 LTE (Asus 2013)7”AndroidLTEAmazon
Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.07”AndroidLTEAmazon
Samsung Galaxy Note 8.08”AndroidLTEAmazon

Their full device list has many older (3G) tablets, which I do not review or include here. You may also have luck with other tablets by contacting T-Mobile support.

Why Free?

I think T-Mobile is banking on some users buying additional data after 200MB. Unlike their traditional data plans, there is no throttling to 2G network after your limit is reached. So, after you use 200MB you are capped and will need to wait until the next cycle to get your next 200MB.

Don’t expect to stream YouTube on this plan, but using my guide you can do email and chat at the very least, and at a zero monthly cost that’s pretty awesome.