Google Announces Project Loon 5G Upgrade, Offers Unlimited Free Data For Life

Google announced today that they will offer global unlimited free data for life on Google’s soon-to-be-launched 5G Project Loon balloon network upgrade. The offering comes after recent advances in 5G radio technology which Google says will dramatically reduce the cost of balloons, while allowing greater throughput and maximum simultaneous connections. Manufacturers are expected to release 5G compatible phones in Q3, with prices starting at $10 for the Moto E (3rd Gen).

Facebook is expected to follow suit with its own network of airships that will use line-of-sight laser based communication, which will offer 20TB/second connectivity, but will require advanced equipment for laser communication, as well as protective eye wear.

Yahoo is experimenting with its own solution to duct-tape linksys routers to quadrocopters.