Data Saver (Beta) Extension Released for Chrome

Google released its Data Saver (Beta) extension this week with no announcement. The feature is a standard option in Android and iOS versions of the browser, and was at one time a hidden option in chrome://flags for desktop users. While the option was removed for desktop users, a third-party extension had been available to add the option. The extension released by Google this week is an official extension that has the same functionality.

The feature routes http traffic through Google proxies, where the data is compressed. This can have a significant data savings, which is important for mobile users. However, the release is at odds with Google’s own movement to push users towards https, which is not compatible with proxied compression.

In practice, users can expect to see a 5-20% data savings, depending on sites visited. If you are trying to save data on a ChromeOS device, we recommend seeing our guide for limiting data, which will show you how to control how and when your data is used.

Data Saver Info: Google Support