Low-end Data Plans

Updated March 2015

Earlier this year I was looking for the cheapest service possible in terms of total cost of ownership over the year. I use Google Hangouts at home for phone calls, and most long calls that I make I make at home. I needed to be able to make and receive calls while out, but I did not need a lot of minutes. In terms of data, I needed to be able to send and receive email and chat, but I could

Plans are selected for this blog based on their value and affordability, and will typically be pre-paid pay-as-you-go plans (although we may review any plan we consider of a good value). Reviews are based on total cost of ownership in addition to quality, ease of use, and included text/minutes/data.

Google Fi

T-Mobile 200MB Free-Data-For-Life Plan

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Trac Triple-Data-For-Life Pay-As-You-Go