T-Mobile 200MB Free-Data-For-Life Plan


HP Stream 13 4G on T-Mobile's 200MB FDFL Plan

The HP Stream 13 (13-c030nr) with 4G is a cheap and functional Windows 8 laptop which works on the T-Mobile Free Data for Life plan. HP markets this model as a “cloud-based” laptop on the same page as their HP Chromebook 14, but make no mistake, this is full-blown Windows. 200MB Free Data For Life The device is advertised as including the T-Mobile 200MB/month Free Data For Life plan, but is oddly absent from T-Mobile’s own list.

HP Chromebook 14 on T-Mobile's 200MB Free Plan

The HP Chromebook 14 is a powerful mid-sized Chromebook that is great for quick, daily use. It includes a cellular modem compatible with T-Mobile and other providers (HSDPA+) and is eligible for the 200MB free-data-for-life plan from T-Mobile, which is why I am reviewing it here. It is also one of my favorite devices. And, while newer Chromebooks have since hit the market, this model still offers advantages over newer competitors in 2015.

Oioo Model 2 Review

Even with the included 200MB T-Mobile Free Data For Life plan, you can go wrong with the Oioo Model 2. It really is that bad. Unboxing The first thing ‘wrong’ about the Oioo is that it is sold almost exclusively through Kmart. Ordering online would not have been bad, but they were sold out for home delivery, requiring me to go to Kmart to pick this up, and really, that’s where things started to go wrong.

T-Mobile 200MB Free Plan List of Devices

T-Mobile Free Data For Life (FDFL) plan offers a free 200MB per month per device for compatible tablets and devices (7” and above). Any unlocked device on their list should be eligible. To activate you will need a T-Mobile SIM – universal-sized (standard, micro, nano) bring-your-own-device (BYOD) SIM starter kits are available at . While 200MB is not much, it is enough to stay connected. See our guide to reducing mobile data usage on Android.